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  1. Hearing engulfs our daily activities-we start our day with an alarm clock, we rush out the door hearing our loved ones say good bye. We spend our working hours absorbed in our coworkers conversations or the hum of machines. We end our day with a favourite tv show or perhaps the quiet sounds of our children sleeping. Sound is all around us and when that sound is not heard we dont see it gone, we cant feel its absence~we just miss out on life. 


How can we help

Regular hearing tests are an important part of detecting any problems that maybe there. Many people have hearing loss and don't know it, some people are born with hearing loss and often times it naturally occurs over time. The best place to start is a simple 20 minute hearing test!

For $40, our office can do a basic check- letting you know if your hearing is within normal, if there are any concerns, or hopefully putting your mind at ease that you have great hearing!

(Sorry, we are unable to test children. Contact our office and we would love to help you find a location for this service.)


What we do best

For 15 yrs, Denaye (our hearing health care professional) has been helping adults with their hearing aids. We find it key to listen to the hearing aid wearer and tailoring their experience to their needs. We offer all styles of hearing aids to give the widest selection available in the industry. We match great looking hearings to any budget. Most importantly we give you the service you need to find what you are looking for.

How We Help



Hearing tests-for adults


Hearing Aids, including the Lyric

Adjustments to your current hearing aid

Amplified telephones

Hearing Accessories

Wax removal

Custom earmold and defenders

Rechargeable and disposable hearing aid batteries

We bill Alberta AIDS to Daily Living, Bluecross and Veterana affairs, WCB, NIHB, AISH and insurance companies

Upcoming events

  • We now have a new Audiometric Industrial Tester. Contact us to make arranements for your company to comply with WCB-AB standards for employee hearing screenings.

Real testimonials

Long time client~

         My journey began with Denaye 7 years ago, I didn't know I had a hearing loss but it confirmed what my family had been saying. She tested my hearing, was very informative. She helped me get my fist set of hearing aids fully paid for by the government. She looked after my hearing for 6 yrs and now I am in my second set. I am so thank-ful.

New Lyric wearer~

       I've been a long time hearing aid wearer. Not too happy with what I tried prior to Lyric. Fit with Lyric and never looked back. Hearing is great. Fit is great. Never happier.

Hearing tested~

       I got my hearing tested for the first time, I am 89 yrs old. Denaye was an angel, she walked me through the whole process and made me feel comfortable. I have great hearing and can't wait for my next check-up


When you refer a friend or family member to us, and they purchase new hearing aids you receive a box of batteries! A $60 value


We are happy to assist new recruits and existing service personnel with their hearing test, $40

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